If you want to earn money online without doing any hard work. HiGift app is the best option to earn money. This is the best app available on Play Store.

How to use:

Download the app by clicking by clicking here First you need to create an account. Follow the steps to create an account:
Open the app and go to signUp screen.
Input your valid details and click on SignUp button.
You will receive verification link on your registered email click on the link to verify.
Now login to the app.


Figure 2

How to earn money:

To earn money you need to collect coins to redeem into cash or in-game currency.

Daily Check:

By clicking on Daily Check button you will get 20 coins and 3 free spins.


Figure 3

Lucky Spin

Spin the wheel to test you luck and collect coins.


Figure 4

Play & Earn

The another best feature of this app. You can collect coins by playing different games like:
Flying Bird
Tap Tap
Quiz Games

Invite & Earn

Last and the best feature of this app Invite and Earn. Invite others by sharing your referral code. When someone join using your referral code you both will get 100 coins.


After collecting enough coins, go to redeem page and select your favourite option.


Figure 5

Download Link

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